Hermiston High School Class of 1963

Last update:9/26/2018


There must be at least a bazillion pictures and memories from all the prior reunions that are yet to be submitted, scanned and posted. Please, if you have any photos that ought to be included here, send them (either the photo or a copy for scanning, or a digital photo file) to Rocky, along with some information about it (year taken, who’s in the photo, etc.). I’ll do my best to get all the memories put in here and the originals returned to their proper homes.

Send to:
Rocky Phelps
PO Box 4395
Sunriver, OR 97707


2018 - 55 years!

Photos are posted! Thanks to Nicki for sending several from her camera. If you have any worthy of sharing, please send them to Rocky! I know there has to be a lot of good ones out there.

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